the video!!!!

production began on this video almost exactly 2 years ago but i am just posting it publicly now to coincide with the release of my album These Four Walls! it was a a true collaborative project that blossomed from my original idea into something quite amazing, i love the finished piece. Shot, directed and edited by Sean Murray, inspired by my original song. watch it below!


post production begins!

well it began over a week ago, after the additional footage was shot, and the backgound sorted. it is labour intensive work that will take careful budgeting of time to complete, but if this early stage of it is any indication, it will be well worth it, it looks awesome :) a video still to give you a peek! cheers!



Sean and I shot the video last night! we had fun, and from the footage I saw, it’s going to look awesome! was ambitious of us to orchestrate getting a very heavy prop up the stairs into my apartment, but with some wonderful and much appreciated help, it got managed! here are some set photos, video stills will get posted soon. cheers!

underneath it all  set up



stage one!

my original version of Dwelling (in a shroud) comes in at six and a half minutes long, way too long for the concept of the video, so i knew we would have to edit it. after some discussion, Sean agreed to try doing the edit himself, and has come up with a version that shaves almost two minutes off the original running time. as i told him, it sounds fantastic!!! it is TOTALLY different pacing from the full version, but somehow manages to maintain the sensibility and feel of my original song, which is awesome! the new version has a greater sense of movement, and as he did the edit with the narrative of the video in mind, i can already picture how it will all come together. everything is slowly taking shape! cheers.


this section of my blog won’t be very active just now, as i won’t be starting production on the video until at least mid August, but i will post progress, and updates, once we get underway! in the meantime, i just wanted to inform those people who don’t know me that the photos on this site under that tab in the menu aren’t related to the video, they are examples of my previous work. cheers!